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GALILEO Quick Access

Last week I sent out an email with a copy of this QR code attached.  Using a barcode scanner app on you smartphone or tablet will allow you to immediately access GALILEO without having to type in the URL.

Recently, I had a group of students in the library who were typing in fairly long and complicated URLs for an assignment.  That is difficult enough to do on a keyboard.  It would be even more so on a smartphone.

By including a QR code with the assignment, the frustration of typos would be alleviated.

Andrew Miller has a post on edutopia titled Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes.  I think the ideas offered in the comments are even better than the ones in the article itself.

You can access the article by clicking on the link above or by scanning this QR code.

Twelve Ideas for Using QR Codes

If you would like to learn how to create your own QR codes, let me know in the comments.  It’s really easy.

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